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Classic Car Restoration Alberta Canada

Classics are once-in-an-era affair and it makes them so because icons of matching standard are not reproducible. Our auto body shop takes in classic vehicle models from the yester years to return them their glamour and gait they are known for. In Calgary, Alberta, we are one of the city’s most favorite car repair and restoration centers specializing in both classic and contemporary models.

All Makes & Models

Our classic car restoration service is offered to all models and makes. Through our years of service, we have developed practicable skills on one and all. We repair and restore vintage models of vehicles from world’s iconic makers like Jaguar, Maserati, Lancia, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rols Royce and more. Name it and count us in.

Overall Restoration

We have an expansive workshop facility where we run the repair and restoration of the vehicles. Our work field is overly equipped with all the latest instrument and utility items. Our arsenal includes the very elementary items like spray tools to advanced equipment like engine health scanner. Considering the range of activities are suited up men can perform we take up simple projects like a paint job redoing to complicated ones like total strip down.

Our Restoration Specialties

We are open to restoration projects that are full length to minor part ones. We work on models and makes of all variety and that vouch for the versatility of our mechanics. Our services include simple doings like restoration of wood frames to replacement of the same. We also do engine rebuilding, wielding of parts, MOT repairs, lead-free conversions, trimming of interiors, electrical works and more. Our restorations are photographic and our project records establish our claim.

Rebuilding Programs

We also have a special rebuilding program that includes a variety of tasks starting at body and chassis works to full mechanical re-engineering. We also supply the parts needed for the replacement works at affordable rates.

We make collections and deliveries of classic vehicles from around Alberta. Our rates and standards are the most convincing aspects of our service.

So, take an appointment with us today and our servicemen will give you a quotation for our classic car restoration job right away.

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