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Chevrolet introduced its first generation of Corvettes in the early 1950s. Most of the stunner automobiles from the era now stand degenerated after running decades of shows and sports. We thought we could trace them a way back to the days of glory with our end-of-end Corvette restoration services. An auto body shop in the Calgary, Southern Alberta, we are backed a large crew of mechanics for whom each project is a passion project.

We added Corvette restoration into our specialty list after a survey indicated the merry number of Corvettes owned by Canadians in the city and the whole of Alberta. While you like to hold on these vintage pride assets in their depreciated state, we give you the opportunity to restore their roadworthiness through a mechanical makeover. Our men take up only projects that they can assure restoration to a specific and realistic standard. We are in a business of result-oriented service and we thrive by our competent and time-bound service.

Restoration on the Contour Level

When it is about giving a vehicle a shot of health, we do not ignore the shiny shells. We care enough for the antiquity of these automobiles to tamper with the exterior designs. So, we limit ourselves to perfecting the flaws and restore what’s lost. We do the paint jobs, lacquer finish, undo the dents, replace lights, guards, grills, etc. to give them an inch-to-inch match with their originals.

Repairs to the Insides

Though Chevrolet automobile parts last generation, sometimes overdriving, accident or age can reduce the parts to a state of uselessness. We keep contacts with some of the most resourceful loose part suppliers in Canada to replace the bad parts with new and original ones. Despite their age, we try to procure only the factory parts for substituting.

Part and full Restorations

As a vehicle is driven into our station, we inspect the asset minutely to figure out the spots the need attending. Once a full diagnosis is run, we make plan of the restoration. We take up complete as well as part restoration projects, depending on the condition evaluation.

With us, your Corvette will return as grand as new.

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